About Us

Jiangsu Region, China

Location of one of some other plants specialized in Fishing lines, Agricultural products and also Machinery. Again, our products correspond to a high quality standard norm.

Zhejiang Region, China

Location of one of our Net manufacturing plant since 1992. Our factories guarantee a high quality control at a reasonable price.


Headquarters location, Key point & Origin of Siang May’s history and success. We coordinate all our commercial operations from there. Technical knowledge, research and development, property right, Multilanguage staff. Coordination sales and production

Bangkok, Thailand

Our anchor point for ropes production ; Besides, Thailand remains a major player in the global Aquaculture industry.

Shanghai, China

The Siang May Shanghai Operation office was launched in 2007 to provide administrative and logistic support for worldwide expectations. Since then, the branch developed a close collaboration with Chinese factories and suppliers to coordinate their production capacity with the growing global market demands and expectations.

South America

Our main markets here are located in Peru, Chile, Brazil and Argentina. It involves all aspects of Fishing : from Sport fishing to Aqua farming, including Commercial activities. The fishing industry in South America is relatively orientated towards domestic markets. There is a huge market here for large-scale international businesses. South America's most important fishing tends to be in the Pacific coast waters as anchovies are caught for fish meal off the coasts of Peru and Chile, Tuna is caught off the coast of Ecuador and Peru and Crustaceans are caught in Chile, Guyana and Brazil.


Indonesia represents a large market in the global Commercial fishing industry ; that is why we have established connections with retailers and suppliers for quite a few years over there.


Even though it is considered a European country, Russia holds a special place in Europe…With its vast territory and large monetary resources, Russia represents a market share that should not be overlooked. After all, it is one of the only true Eurasian country.


Japan has always been very involved in the netting industry ; As a client or as a developer. It was one of Siang May’s major market in the 1990’s and still is today.


Europe, overall, has always been a very important fishing cluster ; as much in commercial fishing than sport and leisure fishing. European people always had a special relationship with seafood in their cuisine and way of cooking which is probably why it remains one of the major player in the global fishing Economy. Finally, Siang May has been involved in many successful machinery projects in Europe, especially in Germany.

North America

The US and Canada represent quite a big market share on the global Fishing Industry. Canada is nowadays putting focus on salmon farming and shellfish farming which is quite profitable to their economy. As with other countries, the 200 nautical miles exclusive economic zone off the coast of the US gives its fishing industry special fishing rights.It is the largest EEZ in the world, exceeding the US land area and covers 11.4 million square kilometers. In 2005 the US harvested 4,888,621 tonnes of fish from wild fisheries and another 471,958 tonnes from aquaculture. This made the United States the fifth leading producer of fish after China, Peru, India and Indonesia, with 3.8 percent of the world total.

West Africa

The fast development of the west African infrastructures for Commercial fishing these past years is quite baffling. Despite all turmoil it went through on other levels, the market growth in commercial fishing and sport fishing is steady and encouraging for the future years and maybe decades to come. Africa has always been a rich territory in terms of resources and is now associating its new production outputs to this abundance of commodities.

South Africa

South Africa remains a big player in the Fishing and Farming industry as well as sport and leisure fishing.


Australian Market